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Francophone Evening 2015

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Dialogue with India 2015

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Francophone Evening

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PBD 2015

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Indian PM Modi\'s visit to Mauritius

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PM Modi in France

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Gopio, Mauritius aims to bring people of Indian Origin in Mauritius and the World together to promote their professional, cultural and social interests with a view to realizing their maximum potential in the service of Global peace, prosperity, happiness and compassion.


  • Gopio, Mauritius provides a platform for people of Indian origin in Mauritius and the world to network together for mutual development and advancement.
  • To promote the common cultural heritage and legacy of Indians in Mauritius and abroad.
  • To energize professional and intellectual resources of Indians in Mauritius and the world in order to realize their maximum potentialities.
  • To make a difference by their contributions to Mauritius, India and the world.
  • To contribute to global peace, prosperity, happiness and compassion.


Global Organization of People of Indian Origin is a non partisan, secular global organization engaged in promoting the well being of People of Indian Origin (PIO), enhancing cooperation and communication between Indians living in different countries. With this perspective some specific objectives are:

  • To promote the interests and aspirations of the Indian communities around the world and of specific groups residing in various countries of their adoption.
  • To promote the common cultural heritage and thereby create a binding relationship.
  • To mobilize financial, intellectual and professional resources of Indians abroad for their mutual development and advancement.
  • To encourage interaction between communities of Indians abroad on a global level to deliberate and decide on common issues and problem facing them including education and technology.
  • To further the interaction between PIOs and other communities at global level in promoting world peace, progress and ecological harmony.

Apply for PIO Card

Requirement of documents and fees
  • Application in duplicate (in Block Capital letters)
  • Four recent Passport size photographs (two photographs should be affixed on the space provided in the application form and two should be attached in a separate cover) (See ‘Guidelines for Photographs’)
  • For applicants whose grand or great grand parents migrated to Mauritius from India Birth certificates of the applicant, parent, grand parent and document from MGI / National Archives certifying details of great grand parent who came from India, Passport of the applicant
  • For those married to Indian citizens / PIO / OCI card holders Birth certificate, Marriage Certificate, Passport of the applicant and spouse, affidavit stating that they have been living as husband and wife atleast for the last one year, copy of PIO / OCI card of spouse.
  • For those Indians who have taken Mauritian nationality Expired / cancelled Indian Passport, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate (if married to a Mauritian), Naturalisation papers and Mauritian Passport
12000/- (For persons above 18 years of age)

6000/- (For persons below 18 years of age)

  • Application in duplicate
  • Four recent photographs (See ‘Guidelines for Photographs’)
  • Certified copy of report filed with Police authorities regarding loss of the document
  • Copy of old / lost PIO card
Download PIO Form