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Francophone Evening

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France Metropole



The members of GOPIO FRANCE METROPOLE wish to remind that we are non partisan, secular global organization engaged in promoting the well being of People of Indian Origin (PIO), enhancing the cooperation, cultural and business interactions between Indians living in France and in other countries.

We owe our affiliation to GOPIO INTERNATIONAL based in Mauritius with the Prime minister of Mauritius as its Patron GOPIO FRANCE METROPOLE work in coordination with GOPIO INTERNATIONAL and its sister organizations present in five continents.


  • To promote the interests and aspirations of the Indian community
  • To promote the cultural heritage and create a binding relationship
  • To mobilize financial, intellectual and professional resources of Indians for mutual development and advancement
  • To encourage interaction between communities to deliberate and decide on common issues and problems
  • To further interaction between PIOs and other communities in promoting peace, progress and harmony
  • To help in implementing as a Diaspora, the PIOs shall synergize with the huge economic growth of India.
  • GOPIO FRANCE METROPOLE is focused on facilitating Indian Diaspora living in France and with India for socio and economic benefits.

Members of GOPIO France Metropole:

Composition of Executive Board members:

Name First Name Function within the organization Contact-email
BALANE Manivassagane Président
PONNOUSSAMY Manimarane Vice-Président
DESAI Pinakin Vice-Président
NAGPAL Harbans Vice-Président
DUBAILLE Etienne Secrétaire général
CAMALOUDDINE Salime Secrétaire général adjoint
FIFI Fabienne Trésorier
SHENDE Rajendra Membre médiateur-censeur
MUNUSWAMY Raja Membre médiateur-censeur
SERANDIA Singaravélane Co-ordinateur — Porte Parole